Hi, I am Chetan Gupta

Creative director @rebutton.co and Founder of DiviThemeArtist. 

I’m a Creative Entrepreneur who helps people build their brand + website.

I have worked with creative as well as corporate professionals to build their own unique identity.

I can help you build a successful personal brand which helps you connect with your audience and help you stand out.

My Story

I got into designing websites for my clients but soon I realized there lies a problem of aimless and soulless websites, so I started personal branding to help my clients resolve this problem by going a level up and translating their vision and mission of business with the power of creative digital branding…

I was determined to reject the cliché idea of “everybody needs a website” without them even really knowing about the “why” behind it.

I have acquired this experience and creative-edge through a long journey of passion and admiration for branding and its impact on businesses. I am stirred to provide the best branding solutions because when you have a unique voice it’s always heard among the unavoidable noise.

Hundreds of amazing creative entrepreneurs who are really revolutionizing the world, for instance, JC Pohl, Marco Yim, Ross McKenzie, Michael Dickson, and many small to medium scale businesses have witnessted growth using my designing and branding consultation services.


I help entrepreneurs in this digital era to build professional brand that drive success.

Build Professional Image
Create Unique Identity
Connect with right audience
Grow your business
Increase your revenue
Grow together


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