What Exactly is branding? Myths and Truths

by May 24, 2018Branding, Business & Marketing

Branding in simple words is a process to build a connection with your customers when they think about you, your services or your products. Some People don’t worry about their business branding at all and some worry too much about it and often make some myths. Here I will help you uncover some common myths and truths of branding which will help you bring clarity of this whole “Branding in Business”.

Myth #1 Branding is only for big companies like Apple & Google. It’s not for me.

Absolutely Wrong, Branding is a bridge between you and your audience. No matter, if you have small business or service to offer if you present yourself as a brand it will have a more professional impact on your target audience.

Myth #2 Branding is just your logo and website.

Again, the biggest myth, logo, and website is just a part of your whole branding. It’s not the only thing. Branding consists of empathy, vision, your values,

Myth #3 It is Expensive I can’t afford it.  

Something but not always, first you need to figure out why you need branding for your business and how will it benefit your business and do you feel your clients are going to a competitor just because he/she has a better look of their website. Certainly not, its the emotion and overall branding they did which is attracting the client to come to their business.

Myth #4 It is a just game of emotions and connects.

It’s true that brands appeal to the emotions and most brands evoke a specific feeling or attitude in the hearts and minds of consumers. Ever wondered why people buy these expensive iPhones no matter on what price they launch, its because they are able to connect with their customer emotions which ultimately increased their brand loyalty but it’s the not the only thing your product and service must be functional as well.

Myth #5 Traditional Approach is better than the digital one

Not in 2018, an average American spent 24 hours per week on the internet which includes browsing facebook, Instagram, and other websites. Nowadays people directly google any question they have whether its “local yoga studio in the long beach” or “find nearest ENT doctor” Traditional approach consumes more time and not good for long-term but on contrary if you have a professional digital presence of your brand no one can replace you and people can trust you without even meeting you.

I hope this article helps you get a context of branding. Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions related to branding.

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Chetan Gupta

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