Why do you need personal branding?

by Aug 17, 2018Branding

Personal Brand is what people think of you when you leave the room”


-Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO)

Branding term becomes very popular in the last decade and esp “Personal Branding”.  Personal Branding is a way of communicating what makes you different and special or the unique value you can offer to your client or audience.

This concept become popular very quickly in the west and now hyped due to online tools we can use social media that literally can make celebrities out of common people.

Remember The most viral Youtube Sensations Logan Brothers. (Jake Paul & Logan Paul).

And in Business Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk Because of personal branding, they will be able to take their business to next level.

Now you will be thinking these are already celebrities and already running businesses. No, they were not popular overnight they build a solid foundation for years of experience and hard work and leverage their unique personality to skyrocket their business.

Here i will tell you why do you need personal branding for you which will ultimately help you scale and grow your business.

#1 Its all about storytelling. 

People love making real connections with humans, not AI or bots. People make their purchase decision based on emotions. If you tell your story/ your journey on how you started?  and why you started? people will likely to connect with you more.

Remember how all great entrepreneurs have a great backstory on how they started and why they started?

#2 The Differentiator 

In this competitive world, it’s very difficult to stand out from your competition, this is where personal branding comes into play. Personal branding is basically you, people can buy the same services/product from someone else why they should come to you?


It’s because of your unique identity, it will be the differentiator in this highly competitive world. 

For Instance: Check Out Personal Branding of JC Pohl http://jcpohl.com 

#3 Brand yourself as an expert in knowledge or skills

There are lots of fake news and wrong knowledge which revolve around the internet and you can make people aware about it by sharing authentic knowledge by creating your personal brand which will help you position as an expert in your niche and people will eventually trust you and buy your product or service.

You can use platforms like Quora or start a blog on your own site.

#4 It will help you showcase how passionate about your brand. 

People will follow you and connect with you more if they see how passionate are you about your business and they also share the same interest.

For Instance: If anybody wants to learn Yoga, and One person who shares valuable content daily regarding yoga every other day and second person just have a yoga center, people just come and go which one you most likely to prefer. I hope it will be person 1 because person 1 shares her passion with the world which ultimately helping her to connect with her audience and get more clients.

#5 Building Reputation and Authencity of your brand. 

In order to build a reputation as a thought leader in your niche, you need to build a connection with your audience. We are humans we also make decisions based on people we trust and their authenticity. You will be able to build trust much faster and create value for your audience.

I hope this article helps you get a context of why do you need personal branding. Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions related to branding.

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